Cal 20 Class Officers

Officer Name Contact
Class President Cathy Black-Smith cbwetpaint@outlook.com
Class Secretary Todd Smith cbwetpaint@outlook.com
Class Treasurer David Kofahl dkofahl@prodigy.net
Class Measurer Chuck Stevens stevensbeachhouse@msn.com
Past President Mike Van Dyke mike.van.dyke@verizon.net

Greetings from the Class President By Cathy Black-Smith

The Cal 20 Class is enjoying its’ 56th year of fun filled sailing and we continue to live up to our motto “one design sailing for everyone.” Our 2017 class membership drive has been very successful and we continue to build our membership base. The additional class dues have been invested in our revamped Cal 20 website (www.cal20.org). Please help spread the word of the website as this can be a great recruiting tool for new Cal 20 owners as well as getting existing owners more engaged.

We are looking forward to this year’s 2017 Cal 20 Class Championship at Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club in San Pedro, California. This year’s regatta is scheduled on September 22 – 24 which is an ideal time of year for sailing in Los Angeles Harbor. We are expecting a strong showing of boats from Long Beach, host CBYC, King Harbor, and also are expecting some boats from Tacoma, WA Fleet 8! More details on this year’s Class Championships will be posted on our website. Please start making plans to attend our big regatta for 2017. We will also be holding our annual Class Meeting on Saturday, Sept. 23 at CBYC.

The Class Prez. Cathy on board PCH #101