Cal 20 Class Officers

Officer Name Contact
Class President Richard Welsh rdwinsurance@gmail.com
Class Secretary Todd Smith cbwetpaint@outlook.com
Class Treasurer David Kofahl dkofahl@prodigy.net
Class Measurer Chuck Stevens stevensbeachhouse@msn.com
Past President Cathy Black-Smith cbwetpaint@outlook.com

Greetings from the Class President By Richard Welsh

Fellow Cal 20 Fanatics,

The Cal 20 is seeing and will continue to see a resurgence on the sailboat-racing scene certainly in part evidenced by the 31-boat turnout for the 2017 Class Champs making it the largest one-design, keelboat regatta on the West Coast. A new minor bylaw change is in the works for 2019, which will allow former Class Champ winners to participate without the necessity of owning a boat - something that will help encourage even greater participation.

The racing is incredibly close and the camaraderie before, during, and after the race, is just not seen on large boat racing—the venerable Cal 20 is the boat to be in! To that extent, it is also important we continue to support the class by participating in the Cal 20 Association membership. If you have not already done so please get your membership dues in as the class website is dependent upon the funds to operate.

The Class Champs in 2018 will be held at Shoreline Yacht Club the weekend of August 3 and everybody is looking forward to a great time on a fun racetrack. No doubt, we will have traveling visitors, which always adds to the camaraderie. All in all 2018 is shaping up to be a fantastic year for the Cal 20 and if you have been on the sidelines then now is the time to dust off the cobwebs and get out on the water. What a great boat!