Cal 20 Class Officers

Officer Name Contact
Class President Richard Welsh rdwinsurance@gmail.com
Class Secretary Todd Smith cal20class@yahoo.com
Class Treasurer David Kofahl dkofahl@prodigy.net
Class Measurer Chuck Stevens stevensbeachhouse@msn.com

Greetings from the Class President By Richard Welsh

Fellow Cal 20 supporters,

The Cal 20 continues to see growth among several fleets and there’s a general sense of excitement with new boats and participants entering (or re-entering in some cases) into the game. Despite a rocky start to 2020 with the coronavirus pandemic, many owners are taking this time to refurbish and update their boats. What’s particularly exciting is the entry & participation of quite a few junior sailors into the class. Without a doubt this will be the key to the long term success and continued growth of the Cal 20 one-design fleet.

It is very important that we take the time to welcome those who have recently taken the plunge into either purchasing a boat or who have begun participating aboard one as crew—we really appreciate their involvement & commitment to the class. It’s really rewarding to see how much fun people have been aboard the boats especially during the casual but highly competitive Wet Wednesday series. A crew person (who has been racing a variety of boats for a very long time) came up to me at the end of last season and commented how they have never had so much fun while racing aboard a boat.

Further, there is always a strong sense of comradery and smiles at the dock both before & after the racing which is often missing in other classes. It does not take long to figure out that one-design racing can be a very humbling experience and with that you rarely find a boastful individual or one with an attitude. We really are looking forward to a fantastic season of racing with a timeless, benchmark design by William Lapworth. What a great boat!